Delivery of Ardena Transport by Air Charter

Ardena Transport successfully organizing freight forwarding services including Air delivery by charter cargo flights.

In situations where there is an urgent need to deliver the goods to remote places or in a short time, and the weight, volume or dimension do not allow the use of regular passenger flights, the charter cargo is simply irreplaceable and it is the right solution in this case.

One of the Ardena Transport`s last successful delivery by air charter of demands has been carried out from Shanghai to Tashkent. Customer, the company Beeline, a leading company in the field of telecommunications in the CIS countries, have been required specific features for reliable delivery of appropriate telecommunications equipment (by the way, 40 tons, and the volume of about 200 cubic meters) from the factory of the manufacturer, Huawei Corporation, who is the largest Chinese company in the field of telecommunications .

In coordination with its representatives in China, Ardena Transport prepared all the required certification and the cargo was transported by road to the airport in Shanghai. Further, after appropriate procedures for scanning and registration of this type of cargo, the cargo was shipped direct charter flights to Tashkent, which was arranged by our experts on cargo charters as the most suitable option for the shipment.

Complicated to implement, costly largest, and most importantly, successful completion of the task is yet another of the many victories in the treasury of experience of the company Ardena Transport. And this gives us another opportunity to declare with confidence that we know how to implement the charter cargo services so that the customer was satisfied, and the cargo arrived at its destination on time, safely