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    of the largest sea operators


    For customers in Uzbekistan.


    from/to Europe, CIS and Central Asia.


    of the largest transport operators


    from Vladivostok to Uzbekistan

Our Services

We are working in cooperation with many rail transportation companies, governmental agencies, representatives of trade exchanges and the Ministries of Railways. We have our own container yards in Europe and CIS. We have a lot of experience, both in their own driveways, and in the commodity and container terminals. Organization of rail transport may result in non-compliance with the terms of agreements concluded between the customer and its partners, the damage of valuable goods and various covers in a way that, accordingly, entail significant financial losses, so the choice of the company's carrier should be taken with great care. As a modern freight forwarding company, we adhere to a comprehensive system of forwarding service, which includes: - Preparation and execution of payment transactions - Codes for Europe and CIS - Arranging of own platforms, tanks and containers -daily tracking service.
  Our company is one of the leading companies in the CIS who has a great experience in delivery by road . For more than seven years, we are successfully providing transportation services in the CIS and Europe in time. Throughout the process of road transport, our team constantly monitor the movement of cargo along the route, providing this safety, timeliness and efficiency of traffic. Our customers can always receive full information about schedule of loading, departure and arrival.  The reality of ARDENA TRANSPORT - a huge number of successfully completed orders, the widest base of loyal customers, the cooperation with leading companies in the CIS, Europe and Asia and impeccable quality. Nevertheless, we do not stand still, every day improving transportation by road and making our job of delivering and shipping the most comfortable for the client.   We provide tented (20 m3., 86 m3 to 96 m3 and Jumbo Mega trucks 120 m3.) -Select the optimal route and transportation cost -selection of the vehicle corresponding to the type of cargo -coordination project transportation -control at all stages of the project -providing full information about the status of goods in transit We provide modern warehouses for the consolidation within Caspian region, any point of Europe, the Russian Federation and in Central Asia, particularly Uzbekistan.   - daily trucking from Uzbekistan to Russia - handling operations with specialized equipment - Registration of the transport documentation - The organization of temporary storage - Advice on contract and consignment.   Facilities: -Import and export customs transit - certification of goods into the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan - Determination of HS codes for customs clearance in the Republic of Uzbekistan - Armored protection of valuable goods (convoy).
Consolidation of cargoes - an association of small and medium batches of goods from different Consignors in one warehouse to one ore more Consignees with the further transportation in one truck. This can significantly reduce the cost of transportation in compare with the delivery of goods separately in whole truck. Driving consolidation directly from your shipper arrives at the closest consolidation warehouse, where the mandatory inspection: Then your goods together with other parties and delivered to the final destination. From warehouses to consolidate delivery of cargoes organized at least once a week. - Recalculated seats and checked against the data specified in the shipping documents; - Check the condition of the cargo and the availability of necessary documents for further shipment; - Draw up a statement of acceptance.   If you want express delivery of small consignments, delivery is made directly to a arranged truck. Available services:  - Storage - repackaging, palletizing - Marking/  signs and stickers - Weighing  - Re-registration of customs and shipping documents.
Along with transportation by road, sea and railway, Ardena Transport provides services of delivery by air. It is quick, convenient, and often the only way of delivery. During the period of our company has accumulated considerable experience in the field of international air traffic. Our team is staffed by highly qualified specialists, which are aimed at high-quality customer service. Ardena Transport Company can provide delivery by air anywhere in the world. The list of services includes: - Transportation of any cargo weighing from 10 kg up to whole Charter  - Delivery of cargoes from "door to door"  - Insurance services - Handling - Packaging - Execution of a full package of documents for the shipper   The organization of air transport, our company uses: - regular passenger flights; - flights performed by cargo aircraft, which is necessary when - air transport of heavy and bulky cargoes - Charter flights, air freight if necessary to the rental of the whole - of the plane.   By ordering this type of air service, you can forget about all the accompanying excitement. You do not need to accompany, to meet, to load and unload items transported - all issues for the delivery of the goods we will decide for you yourself.   The calculation of tariffs are based on profitable prices and foreign airlines to meet the requirements under the terms of delivery. In carrying out international air transportation, our experts can also take over the entire process of preparing the goods for air travel - from the labeling and packaging of transport transported to weighing and clearance of goods at customs. Also, if your load requires operations of import and export clearance - we can ensure their swift passing, and the availability of supporting documents (certificates, etc.).  
Multimodal transportation is delivery of one cargo by different option. Types of transport used in any combination: road, rail, sea and air. Generally, any transportation is multimodal. If any transportation of goods, you must first carry from the warehouse of the sender to the port or the airport / Railway station of departure. After the main transport the goods to be delivered from the port, airport / railway station to the destination consignee's warehouse. In rare cases, namely in the case of road transport of goods delivered to one mode of transport. In all other cases, always use several modes of transport. For example, if you carry air, in any case, first you need to deliver the goods to the airport by car. If you perform the maritime transport, the first cargo to be delivered to the port by car or by means of rail transport. If you make w / d transportation, you first need to bring the goods to the w / d station by car, etc. When transporting cargo, whatever it was way, it raises a number of issues related to the safety of goods, transport safety clearance at customs posts, etc. Major carriers provide to the customer the maximum range of additional services. But everything will not be able to perform even the biggest company: it is impossible to have your own transportation, warehouses and staff in all corners of the world. While virtually every cargo transportation is carried out by several types of transport. These are called multi-modal transportation - they are required in the event of delivery after air, rail or sea transport by road to the warehouse of destination. Multimodal transportation complex in the organization for a transportation company, and therefore, it is more convenient to select multiple carriers and combine their interaction to deliver the goods. When multimodal transport problems associated with loading and unloading goods and the possibility of damage or loss. For the safety of cargo actively practiced the use of container transport, where the company provides carrier-empty containers to the customer, provides stowage of cargo in the container and seal it. The container is opened only at the destination, allowing you to monitor the safety and security of cargo transportation. Container shipping is replaced by rigging. However, types of cargo special packaging is required, so virtually all transport companies, customer service is experienced movers. The main purpose of multimodal transport - international freight traffic. Mainly export import cargo. For example from countries in Southeast Asia, one of the main today our trading partners, container transportation is carried out as follows. From Saigon, Vietnam, for example, is sent to the Chinese cargo ship transshipment point. Where rail cargo is to our customs. Then rastomazhivaetsya and road transport enters the warehouses of wholesale distribution. Naturally, it is quite common scheme. However, even she makes clear the benefits of multimodality. For all its complexity, it allows you to quickly transport the cargo, without exaggeration, to anywhere in the world.
Ardena Transport has a great experience of sea transportation from China, Europe and the United States to any city in the CIS and Central Asian cities. Due to the efficient structure, we can offer to our Cclients an integrated approach in the performance of logistical problems of any complexity. Having well-functioning and reliable relations with leading shipping lines give us an opportunity to provides any shipping serivices at any sea port. We have direct agreaments with shipping lines, which ensures reliability, efficiency in the organization of shipment and the best rates on international shipping. We offer a full range of services providing sea transportation of goods to the destination: · - Competitive sea freight rates (one of the lowest rates in the market) · - Consolidation and collection of cargo in the Baltic and Far Eastern ports · Company - International container shipping · - The organization of port cargo handling · - International delivery conditions according to Incoterms · - Pre-carriage (container supply for loading in the country of origin) · - Representing the Client in port agencies and shiping lines · - The dismantling of the cargo in the collection container into separate parties · - Transshipment of goods on trailers with delivery to the final destination · - A full range of legal advice on foreign trade activities (drafting of contracts) · - Ship agency services in all ports of Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, China, Bulgaria, Romania and other Countries.

a pleasure to work with us

Our Advantages

  1. Strong business links

    • Current member of the International Association of freight forwarders (FIATA) and the Association of Carriers Latvia (LAFF).
    • Licensed agent of the GC STT, FESCO and MSC. 
    • Agent of the largest owners of rail transport (platforms, wagons, tanks)
  2. Facts

    A huge number of successfully completed orders, the broadest base of loyal customers, cooperation with leading companies in CIS, Europe and Asia.


  3. Professionalism

    We are constantly improving the delivery schemes and making our work more comfortable for our clients.


  • During the last 10 years Ardena Transport showed an excellent organization of work, precise performance warranty and the ability to quickly solve tasks.  
  • .... In the nearest time UZBALTRANS plans to expand the geography of the cotton transportation by using the capabilities of the company Ardena Transport in the port of Bandar Abbas (Iran) and Poti (Georgia)....
  • The success of the transport companies is the easy start, the accuracy of transport arranging, accurate delivery, tracing in time.  



Ardena Transport join to "Promoting International Competitiveness Program"

SIA ARDENA TRANSPORT has concluded Agreement No. SKV-L-2017/328 with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency for receiving support in the framework of the "Promotion of International Competitiveness Program" co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.  
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FESCO Launches New Block Train on the Route Vladivostok — Uzbekistan to Karakul Station

FESCO Launches New Block Train on the Route Vladivostok — Uzbekistan to Karakul Station FESCO Transportation Group launches a block train FESCO Bukhara Shuttle (FEBS) on the route Vladivostok (Russia) — Karakul (Uzbekistan). The train will provide a railway connection for intermodal services operating between Uzbekistan and the countries of Asia-Pacific Region (APR) via Vladivostok. Block trains will be scheduled twice a month. The...
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Ardena Transport - Participant of TransUzbekistan 2015

Ardena Transport Company successfully participated in the international exhibition of transport and logistics services # Transuzbekistan2015. Exhibition TransUzbekistan a must-visit all true logistics experts who are interconnected with the export-import operations in Central Asia. You can find old veterans of this annual exhibition, and newcomers who, despite the fact that many of these new brands are professionally strong teams in action. The exhibition, as always, held in Tashkent, in the...
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Ardena Transport - 4 года!

День рождения компании- это праздник особый. Потому что каждый прожитый вместе год - это новая ступень в развитии, в опыте, в профессионализме. Ведь хорошая компания - как дорогой коньяк - от количества успешных лет деятельности делается только сильнее, выдержаннее и ярче.   Что такое хорощая компания? Компания— это люди, это сотрудники, это все мы, это команда. А день рождения компании — это очередная годовщина нашей совместной работы, нашего самоотверженного труда в одном...
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Delivery of Ardena Transport by Air Charter

Ardena Transport successfully organizing freight forwarding services including Air delivery by charter cargo flights. In situations where there is an urgent need to deliver the goods to remote places or in a short time, and the weight, volume or dimension do not allow the use of regular passenger flights, the charter cargo is simply irreplaceable and it is the right solution in this case. One of the Ardena Transport`s last successful delivery by air charter of demands has been carried out...
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Выставляемся на выставке TransRussia 2015

Компания Ardena Transport sыставляеnся на международной выставке транспортно-логистических услуг ‪#‎Transrussia2015‬. Приглашаем посетить наш стенд в Экспоцентре ‪#‎CrocusExpo‬. Выставка TransRussia уже давно cтала обязательной для посещения всем true специалистам логистики, т.к. ежегодно тут находишь как и старых знакомых- старожил этой замечательной выставки, так и новичков, которые, несмотря на то что многие из них новые бренды, оказываются профессионально сильными командами на деле....
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На Урале и Поволжье впервые проходят конференции

Осенью 2013 го­да впер­вые в Рос­сии на Ура­ле и По­волжье стар­то­вала се­рия биз­нес-кон­фе­рен­ций по складс­кой и транс­пор­тной ло­гис­ти­ке. Глав­ным ор­га­низа­тором выс­ту­па­ет ком­му­ника­ци­он­ная груп­па Ekb­pro­mo. Ком­па­ния в пос­ледние 5 лет на пос­то­ян­ной ос­но­ве про­водит де­ловые ме­роп­ри­ятия по ло­гис­ти­ке в го­роде Ека­терин­бург. Пос­то­ян­ны­ми парт­не­рами кон­фе­рен­ций выс­ту­па­ют ком­па­нии Ло­гопарк.ру, Knight Frank, AXE­LOT, Ru­uk­ki Cons­truc­ti­on, «Лин­даб...
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News № 2

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News № 3

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News №1

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